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Academy of Technology LogoDistinguished MI Professional, HorizonWatch / Vice President, IBM Academy of Technology
Chicago, IL, USA




Bill is an IBM Distinguished Market Intelligence Professional (DMIP) on IBM's Corporate Marketing Team.

Bill was appointed to IBM's Academy of Technology in 2014 and became a member of the Academy's Leadership Team in 2016. In August of 2018, Bill was awarded the Academy's President's Award for his contributions to the Academy of Technology. In 2019, Bill was appointed Vice President - Strategy, IBM Academy of Technology

Bill has given much of the last 18 years to helping IBMers understand potential technology futures. Bill's expertise lies in performing emerging technologies and researching the impact of both business and technical strategies.

Bill founded IBM's internal HorizonWatch community in 2001. This community focuses on current understanding and disruptive tech trends. Bill supports the community with a blog, conference call, and technology trend reports.

Bill maintains a blog at www.billchamberlin.com where he has been blogging since 2006 and regularly publishes slide decks to Slideshare at https://www.slideshare.net/HorizonWatching


Key Skills include:

  • Research, analysis and reporting on emerging trends, technologies, and business issues.
  • Analytical & Creative Thinking
  • Secondary & Competitive Research
  • Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Developing and implementing social media & community marketing strategies.
  • Primary Research: Have led both qualitative and quantitative research research projects.
  • Process Reengineering Consulting: Marketing & Strategy


Current and Prior Positions

Vice President Strategy, IBM Academy of Technology
01/2019 - Present
In 2019, Bill was appointed Vice President of Strategy for the IBM Academy of Technology. In this role he will work with the HorizonWatch Trends Research program to help guide the Academy's technical strategy and programs with an eye towards the future. Bill is also a member of the Academy's Technology Council where he co-chairs the Emerging Technology work on behalf of the Academy. Bill is also responsible for the Academy of Technology linkages with IBM Research.

Distinguished Market Intelligence Professional Title - IBM Research
09/2017 - Present
Bill is currently serving as the market insights analyst consultant for IBM Research on IBM's Corporate Market Development and Insights team. In this role, Bill provides market technology research & analysis for IBM Research teams that are investigating the market potential of emerging technologies. This includes assisting with two major annual projects 1) IBM Research's Global Technology Outlook and 2) IBM Research's Technology Vision report.  Bill also provides research assistance, consultation and mentoring to professionals on the IBM Research Strategic Business Insights team.

IBM - HorizonWatch Trends Research Program & Community Leader, IBM Market Development & Insights
01/2000 - Present
Bill has developed/led a market scanning effort that has grown into one of the oldest and most successful employee based collaboration communities within IBM. The HorizonWatch research program and community focuses on researching, understanding, and collaborating on emerging trends, technologies, and business opportunities. In this role, Bill collaborates internally and externally to develop an emerging trends research agenda and then goes about the business of researching these trends in order to produce content filled with market and competitive insights. This content includes annual trend reports, trend briefs and monthly community conference calls. The grass-roots member HorizonWatch community is company-wide and organizational independent. The resulting content out of the HorizonWatch research program ends up informing and impacting many other strategic initiatives within IBM. As of November 2016, this role will be a full time role for Bill.

Leadership Team, IBM Academy of Technology
09/2016 - Present
In September 2016, Bill was appointed to the IBM Academy of Technology Leadership Team. In 2018 Bill co-led Technology Team for the Academy. In that role he managed teams that worked on initiatives in technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Dev/Ops, IoT, Quantum, Security, Systems as well as a host of other emerging technologies. In 2019, Bill was appointed Vice President, Strategy.  The IBM Academy of Technology is a society of IBM technical leaders organized to advance the understanding of key technical areas, to improve communications in and development of IBM's global technical community, and to engage clients in technical pursuits of common value. The Academy was formed in 1989 as a community of the best technical mindes in IBM to provide innovation, technical advice and critiques as well as support cultural change across all business units and across the globe. Bill actively contributes time to key strategic Academy of Technology initiatives.


Previous Roles and Contributions to IBM

  • Systems Engineering & Sales:  BIll started his career in Sales in the Chicago downtown building, helping clients decide and install new automated computer systems. 
  • Process Reengineering - Bill switched to Marketing in 1990 and was a co-lead on a global marketing process reengineering team.  The output of that team lead to a new focus within IBM on Marketing processes, professions and tools. 
  • Market Strategy & Insights - Since the mid-1990's Bill has held many positions in Marketing Strategy and Market Intelligence. As discussed above, his focus since late 2000 has been on delivering market insights around tech trends that helps IBM grow it's long term business. 
  • Social Media Insights Consulting - In 2010, Bill helped co-found a Social Media Insights practice within the Market Intelligence function in IBM. This practice was unique for extracting business insights and value from social media marketing and online communities. The practice helped IBMers understand how to leverage social media and online communities. 
  • Digital Engagement Skill Leader:  In 2017, Bill became the leader of the Digital Engagement Skill Specialty within IBM Market Development & Insights.  In that role he leads a 75 member community focused on developing world-class skills in the discipline of Marketing, Design and Technical support of Digital Engagement capabilties within the Market Development & Insights organization.


Formal Education

Bill has an MBA (1995) from Kellogg Graduate School of Management (Evanston, Illinois) and a BS in Finance from the University of Illinois (Champaign, Illinois)