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Academy of Technology LogoSTSM - Asset Transit Quality and Protection / Master Inventor
Research Triangle Park, NC


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Professional Associations:  International Safe Transit Association


IBM Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) for Asset Transit Quality and Protection for IBM Systems Division, Supply Chain Engineering.

Consultant to senior management and Worldwide Packaging Team Lead for several aspects of product / package development, and end to end supply chain optimization (product / package development, testing, demand forecasting, procurement, logistics, and quality).

An STSM is a position where IBM recognizes IBM scientific, engineering, systems and programming employees in Research, Development, Manufacturing, Logistics, Information Systems, Telecommunications, Sales and Services. By virtue of distinguished and sustained technical achievement, STSM contributions are superior to those expected of senior hardware and software engineers and scientists. This is an appointment from a board comprised of Senior Management and Technical resources within IBM.

Possesses an aptitude for leading teams to the best and most efficient solution not only through personal creativity, but also maximizing the tools and talents of the team. Expert in design, testing, and implementation of innovative solutions and processes for various product types, transportation environments, and customer expectations.

Individual and team lead projects have resulted in the documentation of more than $60M in cost reductions. An effective communicator, with the ability to see the challenges at hand as well as the larger, more strategic picture.

Received several professional awards from IBM as well as outside organizations for package design and leadership abilities.


•IoT Enablement for Transportation and Blockchain

Sourcing Materials: Cost, environmental impact, procurement strategies
• Distribution (modes, lanes, etc.)
• Packaging and Product Damage identification and mitigation within supply chain and distribution network
• Package design
• Packaging Dynamics (Shock and vibration) and testing protocols
• Engineering change implementation
• Environmental laws and regulations