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Academy of Technology LogoDE & Chief Technologist: Supply Chain Optimization, Sustainability and Protection
Research Triangle Park, NC


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Professional Associations:  International Safe Transit Association



IDistinguished Engineer & Chief Technologist: Supply Chain Optimization and Protection. Technical Executing leading IBM System Supply Chain in applying emerging technologies to optimize delivered quality to our clients. Bill brings this unique abilities and knowledge to this role, to drive innovation to supply chain through the integration of IoT to increase visibility, while reducing warranty costs as well as IBM’s environmental footprint. 


•IoT Enablement for Transportation

Sourcing Materials: Cost, environmental impact, procurement strategies
• Distribution (modes, lanes, etc.)
• Packaging and Product Damage identification and mitigation within supply chain and distribution network
• Package design
• Packaging Dynamics (Shock and vibration) and testing protocols
• Engineering change implementation
• Environmental laws and regulations