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Research Staff Member - Computational biology
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



My ultimate goal is to emulate the world in a nutshell. With that goal out of the reach (for now), I settle for molecular dynamics simulations on biological systems. Working in Computational Biology "Cinema" (Center), I have the priviledge of watching movies (simulated trajectories) everyday. After carefully inspecting the movies frame by frame, I write movie synopsis and design practical items hoping to solve real world problems. My expertise is on protein folding, protein-membrane interactions, protein-protein interactions and protein-material interactions. Most notably, I have had three major projects in the past: (1) the discovery of anionic lipids in modulating RecA filament formation; (2) the invention of a fast membrane-protein free energy calculation method; and (3) the identification of Huntingtin protein structures in different environments (in water and on membranes).