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Academy of Technology LogoDistinguished Engineer, Academy of Technology, Master Inventor
Dublin, Ireland



As a member of IBM's Global Technology Services' Technology Innovation and Automation, Clea is an innovator in the design and implementation of advanced, reusable, performance and capacity solutions as well as mainframe implementations and transition technology. Clea is past Co-Chair of the Rocky Mountain Computer Measurement Group (CMG), Papers Chair at the National CMG, and an Articles Editor at Measure IT, the CMG's online journal. She was on IBM's Academy of Technology Technical Leadership Team and maintains her Academy membership.

Today, she develops leading-edge strategic outsourcing solutions that have broad impact, and resulting in patents and reusable capabilities. She currently performs architectural end to end reviews of all European, Canadian, and South American engagements in the Dublin, Ireland Service Integration Hub. Her profile can be found here:

Clea Zolotow has been an Information Systems professional since 1989 when she joined First Data Corporation in Boston as a staff member. Her work there ranged from MVS system programming to Performance and Capacity Management (PCM). She joined IBM in 1999 as a Capacity Planner in the Service Delivery Center West, Global Technology Services North America where her responsibilities grew from capacity report generation to designing complex, comprehensive, and reusable capacity solutions for some of IBM's largest clients. In 2008 Clea was promoted to Senior Technical Staff Member and took on a new assignment joining the GTS Delivery Technology and Engineering Organization. In this new role, Clea builds on her Performance and Capacity experience and applies it to developing solutions in the data center migration and consolidation space as well as taking a lead role in trouble shooting critical situations.

I hold the following titles and positions:

  • IBM Distinguished Engineer
  • IBM Master Inventor

I am involved with the following industries:

  • Banking
  • Healthcare

I am involved with the following affiliates:

  • Colorado TVC
  • Manhattan TVC
  • TCG - UK and Ireland
  • IBM Academy of Technology
  • Computer Measurement Group

My areas of expertise and proficiencies are:

  • Mobile
  • BigData
  • Cloud-Architecture
  • Cloud-Infrastructure
  • Cloud-Hybrid
  • Analytics
  • Cognitive
  • Cloud
  • Network
  • Complex-System-Integration
  • IoT
  • High-Availability
  • DataCenter
  • Z-Systems

My job roles and skills include:

  • Executive
    • GTS Infrastructure Services
  • Enterprise Architect

I have the following certifications:

  • MICS Administration (Legent), SAS Programming (University of Iowa), Watson and Walker Performance (Watson and Walker)