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Darlington Mapiye is a Research Scientist at IBM Research Africa, working in the Data Driven healthcare thermatic area, where he is invloved in projects that are pioneering innovative ways to address healthcare challenges in Africa.

Darlington Completed his Phd in Bioinformatics at the South Africa National Bioinformatics (SANBI) specialising in Computational genomics. Darlington's Phd project invloved the application of cutting edge next generation sequencing techniques to undertand key genetics drivers of familial end stage renal disease in African families. Darlington has a passion for research that makes an impact and transforms healthcare for the benefit of many, especially in resource contrained countries. This has seen him working on a number of projects with clinicians and Public health policy makers. He was part of the H3A Africa Kidney disease research network and African Lupus genetic network, where he was intrumental in seting up computational resources for patient management.  Before joining IBM research Africa, Darlington worked for the Centers for Disease control (CDC/USA/BOTUSA) where he gained vast  experience in Clinical trials management.

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