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Principal Research Staff Member, Memory & Cognitive Technologies
IBM Research - Zurich




Abu Sebastian was born in Kerala, India. He received a B. E. (Hons.) degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from BITS Pilani, India and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering (minor in Mathematics) from Iowa State University. Since 2006, he is a Research Staff Member at IBM Research - Zurich in Rüschlikon, Switzerland.

His research has spanned several topics broadly related to dynamics and control at the nanometer scale. He was a contributor to several key projects in the space of storage and memory technologies. Most recently, he is actively researching the area of non-von Neumann computing with the intent of connecting the technological elements with applications such as cognitive computing. He has published over 150 articles in journals and conference proceedings. He also holds over 40 granted patents.

Dr. Sebastian is a co-recipient of the 2009 IEEE Control Systems Technology Award and the 2009 IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology Outstanding Paper Award. In 2013 he received the IFAC Mechatronic Systems Young Researcher Award for his contributions to the field of mico-/nanoscale mechatronic systems. In 2015 he was awarded the European Research Council (ERC) consolidator grant. In 2016 he was named an IBM Master Inventor and in 2018, he was named a Principal RSM. Dr. Sebastian served on the editorial board of the journal, Mechatronics from 2008 till 2015. He served on the memory technologies committee of the IEDM from 2015-2016. He currently serves on the Technical Program Committees of European symposium on Phase-Change and Ovonic Sciences (E\PCOS) and Non-volatile memory technology symposium (NVMTS).


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Invited Talk, MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 2016

Keynote Talk, Memrisys, Cyprus, 2015

Invited Lecture, Univ. of Oxford, UK, 2015

Invited Talk, Swiss Nano Convention, Neuchatel, Switzerland, 2015


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