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PhD Researcher
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



I am a matematichal engineer fascinated by AI and its applications to natual sciences.

I received my Bachelor from Politecnico di Torino in Physics Engineering (Italy) and then my Master degree in Mathematical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) I then decided to spend some time abroad for my Master Thesis and I had the opportunity to join IBM Research in Zurich. There, I started to work in the S&T (Science and Technology) department with Dr. Cezar Zota and Dr. Bernd Gotsmann on Weyl semimetals. I first worked on electronic modelling and design for a novel type of amplifier based on Weyl semimetals, then I also had the opportunity to perform thermal measurements on the same type of materials with a new innovative tecnique. I graduated in October 2019, with the highest score.

While I was working at IBM I got interested in the work of Dr. Teodoro Laino and the RoboRXN group, which I joined as an intern for 5 months in November 2019. During my Internship I worked on AI applied to chemical reaction prediction, focusing on the quality of dataset and the improvement of the models. A paper on an innovative tecnique is currently under review by Nature Machine Intelligence and the first draft can be found on ChemRxiv Unassisted Noise-Reduction of Chemical Reaction Data Sets. After my internship I had the great oppotunity to continue my work as a PhD student  in conjunction with ETH, Zurich.

Recently, I also published a patent with IBM for increasing the diversity of the predictions in AI models.