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Research Engineer, Machine Learning
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



David is a research engineer in the Services Research Group at the Cognitive Computing and Industry Solutions Department, specialized in deep learning and cognitive computing.

In a team, he participated the MICCAI TUPAC 2016 medical image recognition challenge, where they reached 2nd best result in tumor mitosis detection on histopathological scans using deep learning.

Earlier he has been responsible for research and development in the Predictive Analytics for Server Incident Reduction (PASIR) project, a services analytics effort with GTS where they used machine learning to reduce server unavailability in managed data centers.

David has been conducting PhD studies starting 2015 in the Data Analytics Lab of ETH Zurich. He joined IBM Research as winner of the Great Minds Internship program in 2012. He obtained his Master's degree from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.