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Department Head, Cognitive Computing & Industry Solutions
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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Dorothea Wiesmann is leading the Cognitive Computing and Industry Solutions department at the IBM Research – Zurich Lab and co-leading the Next Generation Services area strategy. Prior to this, she managed the Services Analytics and IoT group.

In this function she managed research projects focused on improving the quality and efficiency of IT operation as well as IT and non-IT asset management.

In particular, her team contributed to the cognitive assets in the

Core to the solutions designed and developed in her team are ontology-guided knowledge extraction, an advanced machine-learning blending engineering and statistical model, and cognitive assistance evolving into cognitive automation.

Prior to this role, Dorothea served as the Technical Assistant to the Director of the IBM Research – Zurich Lab and as the Strategy Consultant for the systems management and compliance research area.

Until 2008, she conducted research in novel thermo-mechanical data storage concepts for ultrahigh storage densities and in planar waveguide technology for optical communication. Her research focus in earlier projects was on the demonstration of technology readiness and subsequent technology transfer with a keen interest on commercial success factors for technology projects.

Dorothea Wiesmann holds an MBA degree (Henley Management College, UK, 2011) and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (2000). Dr. Wiesmann has authored and coauthored more than 70 peer-reviewed conference and journal publications and serves regularly as a journal reviewer.

Dr. Wiesmann is a member of the IEEE and has received an IBM Corporate Recognition Award and three IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards.