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PhD Student
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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Professional Associations:  International Society for Computational Biology

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Elina is pursuing her PhD in Zurich under the topic "A computational framework for systems pathology of prostate cancer". It is an Interdisciplinary PhD sponsored by that takes place at the Institute of Pathology and Molecular Pathology, University Hospital of Zurich and the group of Systems Biology, at the Cognitive Computing Department, IBM Research Laboratory Zurich. She is also enrolled in the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, ETH-Zurich.

The aim of her project is to develop a novel computational framework for the identification of informative genomic variants in prostate cancer which addresses the urgent clinical need to stratify primary prostate cancer tissues into two classes: aggressive and insignificant disease. The computational framework will help to classify patients into discriminative groups and generate the associated genotypic profiles.

Her general research interests include Computational Systems Biology, Machine Learning and Precision Medicine.

She holds a B.S in Applied Informatics from the University of Macedonia in Greece (2012) and a M.S. in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at ETH Zurich in Switzerland (2014).