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Researcher - Semiconductor Technology
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland




Project lead for various research and industrial projects in the field of Advanced CMOS, Photonics and RF/mm-Wave for applications in the context of Internet-of-Things.


35 filed patent disclosures in the fields of CMOS, photonics, non-volatile memories, neuromorphic computing and sensors.

About 70 co-authored publications including 6 papers at VLSI and IEDM, and about 10 invited/tutorial talks.

15 appearances in the press (EE Times, Semiconductor Today, IEEE Spectrum, Compound Semiconductor Magazine, Nanowerk News, Micro Technology Blog, Bald Engineering Blog)


2017 - CS Industry Innovation Award

For the first demonstration of an Hybrid InGaAs/SiGe CMOS Circuits on Si, with a technology compatible with high-volume manufacturing.

2016 - IBM Outstanding Technology Accomplishment Award

For establishing and demonstrating a complete technology route to III-V/SiGe CMOS circuits targeting advanced technology node.

2015 - VLSI Technology Symposium - Highlight Paper

Paper title: "Confined Epitaxial Lateral Overgrowth (CELO): A novel concept for scalable integration of CMOS-compatible InGaAs-on-insulator MOSFETs on large-area Si substrates"