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PhD Student
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



Diego Monserrat Lopez joined IBM Research - Zurich as a Pre-Doctoral Researcher in 2019 as a member of the Smart Systems Integration group. He works in collaboration with Prof. Martin Fussenegger from the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich, in the context of the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering. His research focuses on developing smart minituarized platforms for electrical manipulation and stimulation of cells, with specific application in electrogenetics stimulation systems for insulin secretion and release.

Diego holds a B.Sc. in Physics Engineering as well as a B.Sc. in Industrial Technology Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, and a M.Sc. in Micro and Nanosystems from ETH Zürich. In the course of his studies, he also spent six months at the University of Colorado Boulder (USA) through the Balsells International Mobility Fellowship for a research project developing set-ups for intravenous medical devices testing.