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Research Innovation Leader - IBM Client Center Think Lab - Europe - Quantum, HC& LS, C&P , M&E, IBM Quantum Distinguished Ambassador
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland




Mira is a Research Innovation Leader at the IBM Client Center Think Lab Europe at IBM Research Europe, located in Zurich (Switzerland) and an IBM Quantum Distinguished Ambassador. She is responsible for working with clients on Quantum Computing and also covers the industries Healthcare & Life Sciences, Chemicals & Petroleum as well as Media & Entertainment. Mira brings with her experience in strategy and business consulting, development corporation, start-up leadership and digitalisation. She holds a PhD in Political Philosophy on institutional recognition and normative evaluation of emerging technologies from University of Zurich with Visiting Research Fellowships at Columbia University and University of Oxford. 
Mira is passionate about innovating responses to business and socio-economic challenges through technological innovation and digital transformation. She does so when working with clients on whether they could use Quantum Computing to address complex business challenges or bringing together IBM's leading researchers with leaders from the Healthcare & Life Sciences, Chemicals & Petroleum and Media & Entertainment industry.
Prior to joining IBM, Mira has worked as a Consultant in Development Corporation in Cambodia where she worked on a large-scale software re-design project with the national government in the social security sector. She has gained further experience with emerging technologies as the CEO of a blockchain-based political Start-up in Berlin. Mira also has experience in the Medical Diagnostics sector and has worked for one of the leading strategy consulting firms. Mira is experienced in agile and classic project management, leading and managing remote teams (as project lead and product owner), conducting design-thinking ideation workshops and leading user experience tests. In addition to her PhD, Mira also holds a MPhil in Politics from the University of Oxford and an BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) from the University of York. 
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