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Advanced Software Engineer, Cognitive Computing and Industry Solutions
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



Since September 2008, I have been working full time at ZRL. I have been involved in research, development, implementation, and testing of authentication mechanisms, particularly focused on electronic banking.  Additionally, I have been active in areas such as development and implementation of novel authentication mechanisms for mobile platforms, smart cards, identification, and strong authentication.

I have conducted some research towards developing practical mechanisms in the form of hardware and software add-ons to enhance the security of operations involving mobile devices. This is motivated by the fact that smartphones and tablets are possibly the most pervasive electronic devices of our time.  The services they provide are so rich and useful in daily life that many people can no longer imagine living without them. These devices are increasingly used for personal and business-related tasks, often involving security-sensitive applications, e.g., interaction with embedded devices, such as fitness trackers, payments, eBanking, and, in general, for remote access to information services for our business and private lives.  On the one hand, there are productivity and convenience benefits to using mobile devices for applications any place, any time. On the other, there is the challenge of ensuring that these applications are not abused or exploited by unauthorized entities.