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Academy of Technology LogoResearch Scientist
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



Amol Thakkar graduated with a Masters in Chemistry with first class honors from the University of St Andrews in 2017. During this time he worked in various research laboratories from organic synthesis to the synthesis of doped zeolites for catalytic applications. In addition, he completed a one-year internship with Pfizer as a synthetic chemist in Process Chemistry. Subsequently, he transitioned into computational chemistry, where the focus of his masters thesis was on the modelling of uranium complexes using a combination of molecular dynamics simulations and quantum chemistry, primarily density functional theory.

In 2022, Amol completed his PhD in under the supervision of Professor Jean-Louis Reymond at the University of Bern in collaboration with the Molecular AI team led by Ola Engkvist at AstraZeneca, graduating summa cum laude. His work has focused on achieving an accelertion in chemical discovery, involving molecular design, chemical synthesis, and automation. This has been marked by the release of one of the first open-source Computer Aided Synthesis Prediction tools, called AiZynthFinder. He is currently a research scientist at IBM Research Zurich, where he continues to explore models to accelerate chemical discovery.

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