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Manager, Cognitive Systems
IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland


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More information:  Supply chain optimization  |  My Twitter ID: ‪@arlabbi  |  Sales & marketing optimization  |  Risk analysis


I currently lead Research and Engineering teams at IBM Research in Zurich, Switzerland, where we are building large scale cognitive enterprise systems powered by Watson technology. These systems cover various professions in several industries such as Corporate and Investment Banking, Insurance, Automotive, and Industrial Sectors.

Since I joined IBM in 2000, I have led and managed several teams and projects delivering Services & Software innovations that support both internal (IBM business units) and external clients in various industries. These projects have been centered around innovative blending of advanced algorithms, business analytics, and market insight in order to solve challenging business problems. These solutions span the whole value chain of a business, from Supply Chain Optimization to Sales & Marketing Effectiveness, Operations, Financial Planning, and Operational Risk Management.

From 2006 to 2008, I was appointed Corporate Strategy Consultant at the IBM headquarters in New York to support the development of new business models and go-to-market strategies to optimize IBM's financial roadmap.

The innovative aspects of these projects are demonstrated by the patents, internal and external awards, clients projects, and international publications they produced.