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Research Staff Member
IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland



I am a researcher in the security & privacy group at IBM Research – Zurich, where I work in the area of cryptography, information security and privacy. More specifically, I'm interested in the design of cryptographic protocols with provable security guarantees. See the publications section for recent research results.

I'm also interested in bringing new crypto and privacy techniques into the real world. Recent examples are our works on chameleon pseudonyms for desensitizing databases and password-based protocols that withstand offline attacks in case of server breaches. In the ABC4Trust, FutureID and FI-Ware projects, I was further working on the deployment of privacy-enhancing credentials, such as IBM's Identity Mixer, in real-world applications and infrastructures. 

Before joining IBM in 2010, I completed my PhD at Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany, supervised by Marc Fischlin. I joined IBM as a PostDoc and became a permanent research staff member in 2012.

I'm currently involved in a number of EU projects:

  • Olympus (H2020, 2018-2021, Distributed and oblivious identity management, Role: Technical Lead and PI)
  • ICT4CART (H2020, 2018-2021, Privacy-preserving ICT infrastructure, Role: Interim PI)
  • USEIT (CHIST-ERA, 2017-2020, Security and privacy for IoT, Role: Interim PI)
  • FutureTPM (H2020, 2018-2021, Quantum-resistant crypto for TPMs)


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