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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland




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I am a Research Staff Member (RSM) in the Cloud and Computing Infrastructure group at the IBM Research Lab, Zurich. Earlier in 2016, I graduated with a PhD from ETH, Zurich. 

My primary research areas are distributed systems, networking, operating systems, and storage. Broadly speaking, I am interested in the performance aspect of systems, spanning from multi-core CPUs to distributed environments. Currently I am investigating how to leverage high-performance network (e.g., 100+ Gbps network) and storage (10+ GBps, e.g., NVMe flash) devices in modern open-source analytics stacks such as Apache Spark. These efforts are parts of the Apache Crail (Incubating) project (

Occasionally, I put stuff on my technical blog that can be reached here: My github profile is at


- 2018: I am looking for talented students who like to hack distributed systems. Have a look at our group's git repo to get a flavour for the type of work we do. 

- November, 2017: Crail features in the FLOSS weekly podcast. Have a look here.


Many of the projects that I am involved in, are open sourced :

 - Apache Crail (Incubating): Crail is an open source user-level I/O architecture for the Apache data processing ecosystem designed from ground up for high-performance storage and networking hardware,

- DiSNI: High-performance devices (e.g., RDMA, NVMeF, etc.) integration for Java (previosuly called jVerbs),

- DaRPC: High-performance RPC library for RDMA/Java built using DiSNI,

- SoftiWARP: A fully functional software RDMA device for Linux :

More work from the group can be found at :

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