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Distinguished Research Staff Member, Mgr. Foundations of Cognitive Solutions
IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  ACM  |  Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics


Costas Bekas is managing the Foundations of Cognitive Computing group at IBM Research-Zurich. He received B. Eng., Msc and PhD diplomas, all from the Computer Engineering & Informatics Department, University of Patras, Greece, in 1998, 2001 and 2003 respectively, working under the supervsion of E. Gallopoulos. Between 2003-2005, he worked as a postdoctoral associate with Prof. Yousef Saad at the Computer Science & Engineering Department, University of Minnesota, USA. He has been with IBM since September 2005. Costas's main research interests span Scalable systems for AI and Knowledge Ingestion, HPC and new computing paradigms. Costas is a recipient of the PRACE 2012 award and the ACM Gordon Bell 2013 and 2015 prizes.


Recen key AI papers (2018)

AutoML: TAPAS (to appear at AAAI 2019)
Molecular Transformer (AI for Chemistry) (NeurIPS 2018)
Found in Translation (AI for Chemistry) Chemical Science 2019
Knowledge Ingestion (Document Processing) KDD 2018

2018 Keynotes

  • Supercomputing Froentiers 2018, March 2018, Warsaw, Poland
  • 10th Conference of the International PhD in Life Sciences,  February 2018, Leukbad, Switzerland
  • Translational Medicine in Zurich, January, Zurich, 2018
  • SwissText 2018, June 2018, Winterthur, Switzerland 
  • HPC-LEAP Conference, July 2018, Cambridge, UK
  • SE4COG 2018, May 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden


April 2017 Distinguished Research Staff Member, IBM Research - Zurich

April 2016. Principal Research Staff Member, IBM Research - Zurich

March 2016 Best paper award on graph analytics and matrix functions. IPDPS 2016 

Dec 2015 Invited talk at PMAA 2016

Dec 2015 Plenary at ATAT 2016 

Dec 2015 Matrix function paper to appear at IPDPS. Best paper award

Nov 2013 Gordon Bell Prize on simulating Earth's mantle 

March 2015 New paper on energy modeling for Linear Algebra on multicore processors 

Jan 2015 PC EnaHPC 2015

Feb 2015 PC (Algorithms) HiPC 2015

Feb 2015 Organizing Committee, SIAM Parallel Processing 2016

Dec 2014 Keynote at PPAM 2015

Nov 2104 PC (Algorithms) SC 2015

Oct2014 1st Workshop on Approximate Computing at HiPEAC 2015 WAPCO

Sept2014 Invited talk at HiPEAC 2014 HiPEAC 

Sept2014 Two posters, one on energy aware computing and the other on HPC graph analytics to appear at SC 2014, New Orleans. 

June 2014 Our paper on clasification of the power, energy and runtime performance of sparse matrix-vector multiplication on mutlicore processors to appear at ICPP PASA 2014.

Mar2014 PC, HiPC 2014

Mar2014 PC, Europar WS, 2014

Mar2014 PC, EnaHPC 2014

Mar2014 PC, CCGrid 2015

Jan2014 Our paper on "Changing Computing Paradigms Towards Power Efficiency" to appear nin Phil. Trans. A, Roy. Acad. Sci,

Nov2013 Exact Exchange in CPMD, scaling to 6.4M threads to appear in IPDPS 2014

Nov2013 ACM Gordon Bell 2013 Prize winner Simulations of Cloud Cavitation Collapse

Sept2013 Poster SC13. Highly Scalable Linear Time Estimation of Spectrograms - A Tool for Very Large Scale Data Analysis

Sept2013 PC CCGrid 2014

July2013 ACM Gordon Bell 2013 finalist: 11 PFLOP/s Simulations of Cloud Cavitation Collapse

July2013 PC IPDPS 2014

May2013 ETP4HPC Strategic Vision document published

May2013 PC VHPC, 2013

April2013 Yves Ineichen successfully defends his thesis in multi-objective optimization

Jan2013 PC member. ICPP 2013

Nov2012 PC member. SC13 (Applications)

Nov2012 Guest Editor for PMAA'12 special issue, Parallel Computing.

Nov2012 New EU project: EXA2GREEN, Power Aware HPC

Sept2012 New DARPA XDATA project: RNLA, Randomized Algorithms for Linear Algebra

Aug2012 ISC'13 Steering Committee

June2012 PRACE Award 2012

June2012 Keynote talk: PMAA 2012.

Nov2011 Europar2012 Local Chair: Track 15 (High Performance & Scientific Applications).

Oct2011PC member (Algorithms), SC 2012.

Sept2011 Steering Committee member: ISC 2012.

Sept2011 Energy Aware MD simulations: CECAM Workshop.

April2011 PC member, Ena-HPC.

April2011 PC member, HIPC (Algorithms).

Mar2011 Invited talk: Young & Bright HPC Researchers session, International Supercomputing Conference, Hamburg, June 2011. (link).