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Research Staff & Technical Leader - Storage & Systems Research
IBM Research, Zurich, Switzerland





Hi there! I'm a researcher and technical lead at IBM Research working on multiple aspects of data storage for enterprise and cloud environments. Current areas of interest include:

  • Software-defined Flash-based storage
    We have built systems that elevate the performance and endurance of commodity SSDs through software (e.g., SALSA). Our current focus is software-defined composable storage using disaggregated storage devices over NVMe and NVMe-oF targeting new datacenter architectures and unprecedented levels of performance.

  • NoSQL storage and caching
    We focus on data stores for NoSQL data that adopt new I/O paradigms, such as user-level I/O, to optimize for low-latency storage media, including 3D-Xpoint NVMe drives. Our goal is to enable cloud datacenters to replace systems that use expensive DRAM memory as the main store (e.g., Memcached, Redis) with more efficient systems that use NVMe storage without compromising performance.

  • Storage for containerized environments
    We research storage architectures for containerized environments, in particular container clusters orchestrated by Kubernetes. We develop software that can deliver rich storage functions and data services that enable higher performance, easier deployment and data protection for stateful container services. 

  • Analytics acceleration for Apache Hadoop & Spark
    We re-design the I/O underpinnings of the Hadoop stack (including but not limited to Spark and Hadoop MapReduce) to take advantage of modern storage and networking hardware. We have built and open-sourced Crail, a system that delivers tremendous performance improvement for data-intensive Spark applications. Visit our blog for more!

  • Cost-efficent multi-tiered storage using tape
    We are big fans of tape! We believe that tape will play a critical role for cloud infrastructures that aim to store ever-increasing volumes of data and preserve them for a long time. Our work relies on open tape formats (i.e., LTFS) and aims to make tape easy to use through (open-source) software. SwiftHLM was the first step; more goodies are coming soon, stay tuned!

If any of the above topics and/or related disciplines look interesting and you are interested in regular employment or a temporary position (e.g., student internship), please drop me a line! We are always looking for talented individuals to join the IBM Research team!


Short Bio

Ioannis (Yannis) Koltsidas is a Research Staff Member in the Cloud Computing Infrastructure department at the IBM Research Lab in Zurich, Switzerland. In his current role he is leading a team of researchers doing research on next-generation Flash-enabled storage systems, exploitation of Flash memory in host servers, as well as applications of Storage-class Memories, such as Phase-Change Memory. His interests also include distributed scale-out file storage (GPFS, HDFS) and extensions thereof based on open-format magnetic tape. Some of the latest projects he has been involved in include the IBM FlashSystem, the IBM Easy Tier Server for the DS8000 series and the IBM LTFS Enterprise Edition.

Previously, Ioannis received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh, where he was a member of the Database Group at the School of Informatics. His research was supervised by Prof. Stratis Viglas. The focus of his thesis, titled "Flashing Up The Storage Hierarchy", was on database systems and data-intensive systems in general that employ novel storage media, such as NAND Flash SSDs and use novel algorithms and data structures to boost I/O performance. Prior to that, Ioannis completed his undergraduate studies at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the National Techinical University of Athens (NTUA) in Athens, Greece, where he majored in Computer Science.