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IBM Research | Zurich, Switzerland


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Professional Associations:  European Materials Research Society



Dr. Fompeyrine joined IBM Research – Zurich in 1996 as a chemist to develop the use of functional oxides for information technologies, and was appointed in 1999 as a research staff member. His first contributions were related to high-κ dielectrics for advanced CMOS, a solution introduced for the 22-nm technology node. He then focused his research on the use of new materials to enable novel microelectronic or photonic technologies, becoming an expert for monolithic heterogeneous integration. As the manager of the Advanced Functional Materials group between 2008 and 2014, he developed the use of molecular beam epitaxy on large wafer sizes, the heteroepitaxy of oxides and compound semiconductors on silicon, and the combination of heteroepitaxy and direct wafer bonding as a low-temperature integration method. He has promoted monolithic heterogeneous integration concepts to use III–V materials as high-mobility channels, leading to the first demonstration of 3D hybrid SRAM cells. He also pioneered the use of functional oxides such as ferroelectrics in photonic integrated circuits, which enables the fabrication of Pockels modulators based on single crystalline BaTiO3.

In the past two years, he re-focused his research on new computing paradigms such as neuromorphic technology. He is currently developing a research program to fuel hardware implementations of neural networks, keeping the same holistic view that he successfully applied while working on advanced CMOS or integrated photonics. He has initiated, built up or supported several key EU projects focusing on neuromorphic hardware, including NeuRAM3, PHRESCO, ULPEC and NEUROTECH [see more].

Dr. Fompeyrine holds a PhD in Materials Science from the Université Bordeaux I, an MSc in Materials Science from the University of Caen, and a BSc in Materials Science from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieur de Caen, France. He is a member of the European Materials Research Society and serves on its executive committee. He will be chair of the Fall EMRS 2019 meeting in Warsaw, and acts as a member of the technical program committee of several international conferences. He has published more than 250 publications, including 3 book chapters, more than 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals, and 36 patents (granted and applications). He has been the recipient of 6 IBM-internal awards recognizing his contributions to science and technology.