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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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About me

I'm a member of the research staff at IBM research Zurich. My research interests are in distributed systems, networking and operating systems. I graduated with a PhD from ETH Zurich in 2008 and spent two years (2008-2010) as a Postdoc at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley.  

The general theme of my work is to explore how modern networking and storage hardware can be exploited in distributed systems. Currently I'm working on the Crail project, a fast distributed data store designed from ground up for fast storage (DRAM, NVMe/PCM) and networking hardware (100Gb/s RoCE). Crail is built upon principles of user-level I/O and targets the storage of performance criticial ephemeral data in distributed data processing workloads (Spark, Tensforflow, serverless workloads, etc.).

Earlier, I developed DiSNI, a zero-copy RDMA-based network stack for the JVM, DaRPC, a ultra-low latency RPC library also for the JVM, and jVerbs, an RDMA-based network stack and precurser of DiSNI, which is part of the IBM JDK since May 2014.




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I'm co-teaching the following courses at ETH Zurich.

Program Committes

  • SOCC 2018
  • Usenix 2018
  • SOCC 2017
  • Systor 2017
  • ICDCS 2014
  • ICDCS 2011
  • ICDCS 2010