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IBM computer scientists have been at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation across a broad range of research areas.  They have made pioneering contributions in artificial intelligence, high-speed processor design, computer architecture, natural language processing, programming languages, optimizing compilers, operating systems, storage systems, computer-supported cooperative work, databases, speech recognition, integer programming, and service-oriented architectures, to name a few.


Podcast - Using Nanotech and the Human Body to Power Gadgets    (up to IBM Research Computer Science Blog)

Thermoelectric energy has served us well since 1821 when Thomas Johann Seebeck found that a thermal gradient between two different conductors produces voltage. In this episode of Inside IBM Research, IBM Research - Zurich researcher Sigi Karg talks about how he and his colleagues are now using nanotechnology to make thermoelectric energy efficient enough to power medical devices and wearable gadgets.



This is the 100th post in the IBM Research Computer Science Blog.  I want to thank all of the people who have read the blog.  Special thanks to John Richards and Cal Swart who created the underlying blog tool, along with Rodric Rabbah and Mark Wegman who made the IBM Researcher website possible.


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