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IBM computer scientists have been at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation across a broad range of research areas.  They have made pioneering contributions in artificial intelligence, high-speed processor design, computer architecture, natural language processing, programming languages, optimizing compilers, operating systems, storage systems, computer-supported cooperative work, databases, speech recognition, integer programming, and service-oriented architectures, to name a few.


Nimrod Megiddo wins INFORMS John von Neumann Theory Prize    (up to IBM Research Computer Science Blog)

Congratulations to Nimrod Megiddo, IBM Research - Almaden, who was recently awarded the John von Neumann Theory Prize by INFORMS.  The citation for the award states "...Nimrod Megiddo has made fundamental contributions across a broad range of areas of operations research and management science, most notably in linear programming, combinatorial optimization, and algorithmic game theory. His work has been highly influential, in both identifying key concepts and in developing new algorithmic approaches for fundamental problems."

posted by Brent Hailpern on Fri, 14 Nov 2014 08:44:53 -0500