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IBM computer scientists have been at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation across a broad range of research areas.  They have made pioneering contributions in artificial intelligence, high-speed processor design, computer architecture, natural language processing, programming languages, optimizing compilers, operating systems, storage systems, computer-supported cooperative work, databases, speech recognition, integer programming, and service-oriented architectures, to name a few.


Podcast - Cool Microservers Power Cosmology Big Data Project    (up to IBM Research Computer Science Blog)

“Big” takes on special meaning when you are talking about the Epoch of Reionization. Astronomers look to this time span a few hundred million years ago to ponder fundamental questions regarding cosmology and evolution. Now a collaboration involving IBM Research, The Netherlands’ ASTRON and the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will make possible the collection and big data analysis of radio signals from deep space.

In this episode of Inside IBM Research, Matteo Cossale, a nanotechnology engineer in our Zurich lab, and a demonstrator at CeBIT 2015 in Hanover, Germany, talks about the role he and his team played in designing the microservers that will power the SKA-funded radio telescope.

Also: The Impossible MicroServer [YouTube]

Host: Barbara Finkelstein

Producer: Kristina O'Regan

Music: "Happy Alley" by Kevin MacLeod

posted by Brent Hailpern on Tue, 31 Mar 2015 13:21:48 -0400