CAir: Quality-of-Life Management of COPD Patients     


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CAir: Quality-of-Life Management of COPD Patients - overview

With CAir, we aim to provide a Digital COPD Management Solution (DCMS) for patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In Switzerland alone, it is estimated that there are around 400,000 cases of COPD resulting in estimated costs of 1.5 bn USD annually. The DCMS will allow to follow the disease progress and to improve quality-of-life of patients by continuous and objective symptom tracking and personalized virtual coaching, as behavioral change support at scale.

We target two markets; (1) digitally facilitated COPD disease management programs for healthcare payers and (2) real-world data studies of the pharmaceutical industry.

The main medical goals are to:
- improve the quality-of-life of COPD patients within the 3 month randomized clinical trial,
- yield a high system usability and acceptance and
- increase the patient activity counted by the daily step count.

CAir depends on the development of the following enabling technologies:
- bi-directional communication channel between physician and patient with connected devices,
- virtual coaching application to support behavioral change,
- symptom tracking applications to record cough intensity and sputum color and multi-sensor data fusion algorithm to follow the diseases progress.

In general, we target i) medical end-points to proof the efficacy of the DCMS, ii) technical objectives to specify the quality of the algorithms and iii) product maturity goals of the individual sub-components of the project.

The complexity of the CAir project brings together an interdisciplinary team from the university hospital of Zurich (USZ) and the technical university of Zurich (ETH), as well as as industry partners, besides IBM Research - Zurich.