Oncology - overview

At IBM, cancer is seen as an information science challenge

We apply information science principals to massive amounts of disparate data generated by individuals and industry research, to help identify treatment options for complex health conditions, such as cancer.

Artificial Intelligence can be your oncologist’s most powerful tool

AI systems can be used to ingest massive amounts of multi-modal data, then statistically analyze it for insights. This support can help doctors focus on what human experts do well: applying years of experience, judgment and wisdom to making decisions.

Our goal: research that improves healthcare

IBM cancer research teams are composed of scientists with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, neuroscience, physics, machine learning, data mining, statistics, visual analytics and decision science. Our goal is to develop advanced AI methodologies from these different areas and apply them to observational healthcare data that's collected across the healthcare ecosystem. Then provide the insights to clinicians to help them provide the best treatment options for their patients.

IBM cancer research project