JAMStack front-end for 'serverless' forecasting platform     


JAMStack front-end for 'serverless' forecasting platform - overview

This project aims to develop a modern JavaScript, APIs, and markup (JAMStack) front-end for a cloud-native forecasting platform. The platform is currently deployed for a number of EU H2020 research projects in the energy and aquaculture domains, and is architected around a 'serverless' (IBM Cloud Functions) back-end.

This project will enable the selected intern gain practical experience working with the latest compute abstraction on live cloud deployments while also providing the opportunity to influence the future direction of the platform's front-end.

Required Skills:
- strong interest & aptitude in front-end development,
- strong JavaScript skills, including modern frameworks,
- knowledge of design, UI, and UX principles,
- familiarity with RESTful API style, and
- good communication ability.