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Early Access AI Offerings - overview

What are Early Access Offerings?

Much of the technology developed by IBM Research AI has the potential to be transferred to a business unit for commercialization, so the technologies encapsulated as "offerings" are considered pre-commercial; hence we refer to them as Early Access.

- Each offering in the Early Access Program is a package of pre-commercial assets, referred to as capabilities available to clients for a one-year license. The license can be renewed or refreshed at the end of the term. 

- Each offering includes a package of advanced Research technologies specially selected for its relevance to some core area in AI or alternative application areas.

- Because they are pre-commercial, they are intended for training, experimentation, and productive use to acquire insights. Insights gained are available for use by the client in perpetuity.

- The packages are self-contained for productive use by the client. The offering includes documentation, access to published papers, initial training, quarterly interlock meetings, and up to 15 hours of technical support per quarter.

- Each offering has a technical lead which serves as the technical focal point for the offering in a client engagement.

AI Portfolio: 

AI Automation and Lifecycle

AI Driven Customer Care

AI Explainability 360 Enhanced Edition

AI Fairness 360 Enhanced Edition

AI for Business Automation

AI for Situational Awareness

Data Quality for AI

Intelligent Assets and Operations

Intelligent System and Process Optimization

Project Debater


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