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Computational Biology Center - overview

Research at the interface of Information Technology and Biology

We pursue basic and exploratory research at the interface of information technology and biology. Information technology plays a vital role in enabling new science and discovery in biology.
Advances in high throughput and platform technologies in biology present an unprecedented challenge in scale, management, and analysis of biological data. Advances in computing architecture and scale are enabling simulations of complex biological processes at various organizational levels from atomic to cellular and beyond.

Research Groups & Projects

Computational Genomics Computational Genomics: Making sense of the Data Explosion in Genomics.

Cancer Genomic Medicine: Cancer Genomic Medicine: Advancing precision oncology

nanodld Nano-Biotechnology: Nanotechnology for Biological Applications.

 Multiscale Systems Biology and Modeling: Cardiac Modeling, Neuroimaging, Neuroanalysis, and Modeling the Brain.

 Soft Matter Science: Simulations of Biomolecular Systems, Protein Science.

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  • Speaker: Geoffrey Attardo, Yale School of Public Health
    Seminar: Tsetse Fly Reproduction: Exploration of the Unique Physiological Adaptations of a Neglected Disease Vector 

    When: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm on Wed., Jan 18 in Yorktown 20-001

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