2021 Future of Computer Communications Networks Virtual Conference - overview

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 13th, 2021, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Eastern

Venue:  WEBEX Video Conference Link  |  Audience Password:  fccn21pw

This conference will be recorded and replays will be made available shortly.

Audience: Open to the general public

Link to this website for sharing with your network:     https://ibm.biz/2021-fccn-conference  

Conference Introduction:

As part of IBM Research, Future of Computing Initiative, we are organizing a global research community panel to discuss the nature and requirements of computer communications networks that will be needed by society 50 years from now, i.e., circa the year 2070.  The goal of this panel is to bring eminent researchers in the area of computer communications networks from academia, industry, and government and to seed research problems that will be needed by our future technical community.

We welcome all range of opinions, from the perspective, that nothing will change in the current internet and cellular protocols connecting everyone to the view that the network would support in-network information processing, need to provide deterministic performance, support legal contracts, and service level agreements, be based on quantum entanglements, have in-built security, require a new network programming paradigm, implement a completely new set of communication abstractions, support space communication, be self-protecting and self-configuring, etc., welcoming all and any disruptive ideas.

This conference is open to the general public via virtual web conference with a panel consisting of a set of presentations from eminent researchers.  Each panelist will present a 15-minute overview of his/her view of the future network, followed by a 5-minute Q&A.  The event will end with a 45-minute open Q&A session between all panelists and the audience.  

Confirmed panelists:

Scott Shenker                 UC Berkeley

Grady Booch                   IBM

Jim Kurose                      University of Massachusetts 

Henning Schulzrinne      Columbia University

Elisa Bertino                   Purdue University

Jennifer Rexford              Princeton University

David Tennenhouse         VMWare

Geoff Huston                    APNIC

Mostafa Ammar                 Georgia Institute of Technology 


Conference Chairs:

Dinesh C. Verma               IBM Research

Wendy Chong                   IBM Research