Deep Computing Institute (DCI) - overview

Deep Computing provides business decision makers with the ability to analyze and develop solutions to very complex and difficult problems. These problems are being made tractable by the emerging capabilities in very large scale computing, data management and communications. Combining these capabilities with advances in algorithms, analytic methods, modeling and simulation, visualization, data management and software infrastructures is enabling valuable scientific, engineering, and business opportunities. Using an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach, Deep Computing builds on IBM's experience with Deep Blue in exploring large, complex state spaces typical of many difficult problems.

The Deep Computing Institute is an organization within IBM Research that coordinates, promotes and advances Deep Computing activities. The institute has three objectives:
  • Develop solutions to previously intractable business and scientific problems by exploiting IBM's strengths in high-end computing, data storage and management, algorithms, modeling and simulation, visualization and graphics.
  • Realize the potential of the emerging very large scale computational, data and communications
  • capabilities in solving critical problems of business and science.
  • Lead IBM's participation within the scientific community, and in the business world, in this important new domain of computing.

Organization of the Deep Computing Institute

The Deep Computing Council is composed of leaders from participating IBM laboratories

The DCI External Advisory Board provides strategic input as well as advice on institute activities. Members of this board are leaders from national laboratories, academic institutions, and companies with deep computing activities

Leadership of the Deep Computing Institute

Michael Rosenfield is the Director of the Deep Computing Institute

Fred Mintzer is the Associate Director of the Deep Computing Institute

Al R. Kellie is the Chair of the DCI External Advisory Board