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Computational Biology - overview

Computational Biology is an active area within IBM Research, and researchers working on Computational Biology are members of a designated CB Professional Interest Community (PIC). The purpose of the PIC is connecting IBMers, working at IBM research labs worldwide, and external collaborators across the field of Computational Biology.

Computational Biology research at IBM spans life sciences research at the interface of information technology and biology. This research is conducted often in collaboration with partners in universities, medical research centers, biotechnology companies and the pharmaceutical and health care industry.

This community aims to impact the following strategic areas for the industry:

  • Understand biological systems based on approaches derived from computer science, physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology, supported by our expertise in these areas, and our unique position as leaders in information technology, high performance computing and simulations.
  • Focus on specific diseases affecting large sections of the population, such as cancer, infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease and psychiatric dysfunctions.
  • Based on our strengths and collaborations, develop new, more effective, treatments, drugs, diagnosis and prevention therapies, faster and cheaper.
  • Generate agricultural advances by developing new models and methods for deciphering plant and animal genomes & phenomes.

The current Computational Biology agenda covers areas of systems biology, bioinformatics & pattern discovery, biomolecular modeling, genomics, evolutionary biology, medical imaging, neuroscience, and more. For publications in this research area, please see the tab Publications.

Details on the various Computational Biology research activities can be found on these pages:


For questions on the CB PIC contact: (Watson Research Center)

Instructions to join the PIC for IBM Researchers:

  1. Go to (or visit your Researcher webpage and click the edit button)
  2. Log in with your IBM Internet email address and w3 intranet password
  3. Click "Add/Change" near Technical Areas in the right navigation bar and join all PICs of interest
  4. Close the window, your selections are saved automatically