TRUST IC detection       


 Peilin Song photo Robert L (Bob) Wisnieff photo

TRUST IC detection - overview

Contact(s): Peilin Song, Franco Stellari

Due to largely the global economic pressures, the development and fabrication of advanced Integrated Circuits (ICs) is migrating overseas. There is a great concern that integrated computer chips can become unreliable or malfunction by inserting "malicious circuits" or "Trojan circuits" during the manufacture and packaging phases. It is imperative to develop new ways of detecting these "Trojan circuits". Recently, we have developed a new emission-based Trojan IC detection system with very high detectability.

Emission from ICs, such as Light Emission from Off-State Leakage Current (LEOSLC), can be used as a physical identifier/fingerprint of the circuit. By comparing the measured emission to a simulated photon emission map (prediction) based on the circuit design, changes may be detected.

The figure below shows a comparison between a measured emission map from a real circuit and the predicted/simulated emission fingerprint: