Exploiting Color Strength to Improve Color Correction       


Lisa M. Brown photo

Exploiting Color Strength to Improve Color Correction - overview

color strength original color strength image

Left: Original image example from SFU gray ball dataset. Right: Corresponding image showing the color strength for each pixel, where white is the highest color strength.

Color information is an important feature for many vision algorithms including color correction, image retrieval and tracking. In this project, we study the limitations of color measurement accuracy and explore how this information can be used to improve the performance of color correction. In particular, we show that a strong correlation exists between the error in hue measurements on one hand and saturation and intensity on the other hand. We introduce the notion of color strength, which is a combination of saturation and intensity information to determine when hue information in a scene is reliable. We verify the predictive capability of this model on two different datasets with ground truth color information. Further, we show how color strength information can be used to significantly improve color correction accuracy for the 11K real-world SFU gray ball dataset.