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Multimedia (discontinued) - overview

IBM Multimedia Research keywords: audio, video content analysis, video mining, computer vision, video streaming, multimedia content management, video indexing and retrieval

Over the last two decades, IBM Research has been a dominant force in the development of new multimedia technologies. Streaming video servers, compression and content description standards, content-based retrieval, multimedia data mining, understanding and management, and computer vision are just a few of the areas where our researchers have made significant contributions. IBM Research has also helped to commercialize many of these new technologies in MPEG-2 chipsets, user interface devices, video servers, content management software, and digital media solutions for industries such as health care, retail, government, media, finance, entertainment, and education.

As multimedia evolves into one of the most salient aspects of twenty first-century computing, groups working around the world in our Watson, Almaden, Austin, Haifa, India, Tokyo, China, and Zurich Research Laboratories are focused on new challenges with an increasing emphasis on enterprise business transformation. Active research areas in multimedia include audio video content analysis and recognition, media streaming, computer vision, image processing, graphics, novel user interfaces, pervasive computing, and unstructured information management.