POWER7 (TM) Microprocessor Design     


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POWER7 (TM) Microprocessor Design - overview

In February 2010, IBM announced new POWER7™ systems designed to manage the most demanding emerging applications, ranging from smart electrical grids to real-time analytics for financial markets. The systems are built around the POWER7™ microprocessor, a high-performance VLSI chip that includes eight quad-threaded cores, connected at high bandwidth to an on-chip memory subsystem consisting of a private L2-cache (256KB) memory plus a large shared eDRAM (32MB) L3-cache, and with high-speed system links. The microprocessor operates at > 4.0 GHz clock frequency. The POWER7™ microprocessor chip is designed by multi-site teams. The Research team worked on all aspects of VLSI design as well as design tools and methodologies for this chip. Performance exceeding 4GHz is achieved at acceptable power levels using mostly static, custom-designed CMOS circuits for the dataflow. Synthesized logic, implemented using circuit books from a standard cell library, is used for most control circuits. Many innovative power management techniques are employed to achieve high-frequency operation within a given power constraint. The circuits are fabricated in IBM's 45-nm CMOS Silicon-on-Insulator technology with 11 levels of low-k copper wiring.


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