Virtualized and Cloud Infrastructure Management     


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Virtualized and Cloud Infrastructure Management - overview

We study and develop foundation technologies for cloud computing and virtualized environments. Our research centers around three key areas:

  • Virtual machine image repository and library technology Virtual images, i.e., pre-built software stacks, will become the new unit of distribution, deployment, licensing, maintenance, archival and service/support. We are developing a new virtual machine image repository and library technology that stores and operates on images at file-level granularity providing CVS-like version management, ultra dense storage and scalable operations. Read more about this project

  • Goal-oriented management of computation and data in the cloud Virtualization will extend beyond single systems to multi-system pools consisting of servers, network and storage, thus creating a new platform for integrated management and optimization of datacenter resources. This area focuses on the management of computation and data in large-scale distributed environments where resources are shared among multiple applications and users. Most recently, systems like these are studied in the context of cloud computing. Read more about this project

  • Virtual machine image creation and composition tools A new breed of tools will emerge to allow datacenter administrators to quickly assemble solutions from ready-made virtual images and pre-built templates. These tools will allow best practice experts to define deployment patterns that the tools can use to automatically generate actionable distributed deployment models using administrator inputs and model transformation techniques. Read more about this project