Internship Opportunities in Software Technology - overview


The Software Technology Department at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Lab in New York is looking for top students interested in all areas of programming languages and software engineering, including:

  • Programming models and their implementation for concurrency, distribution, cloud, and heterogeneous systems (FGPA, GPU, etc.)
  • Tools and techniques for software security, quality, and performance
  • Metrics driven approaches to software development
  • Collaborative and social issues in software development
  • Flexible modeling
  • Human-computer interaction and usability of software engineering tools
  • Data centric computing, NoSQL data store and Big Data related topics.
  • Advanced middleware services for hybrid systems
  • Performances modeling and optimization
  • Cloud computing
  • Distributed systems and resource management

Our summer internship program provides students with a unique opportunity to experience the research environment here at IBM. The program is highly competitive, and is designed for top students who are interested in tackling challenging research problems. Many of our student interns have authored papers, or even theses, out of their sojourn with us; have contributed to open source projects; and/or have contributed to IBM products.

The Software Technology Department performs leading research in a number of areas, all centered on making software development and deployment more efficient and effective while improving productivity of the organizations and quality of the resulting software.

IBM Research conducts scientific research and develops technologies and processes for use with IBM products and customer applications. IBM is a leading manufacturer of computer hardware and a leading provider of products and services that relate to the full software life cycle activities (i.e., requirements, design, code, test, deployment and maintenance), including infrastructure, hosting, and consulting services. IBM Research fosters close partnerships with the other IBM divisions, and consequently we are constantly exposed to real world problems. This puts IBM Research in a unique place where we become aware of fundamental research challenges and opportunities in the real world before they are visible to the research community at large.

If interested, please follow the directions on the side of this page (How to Apply). We will contact you if we identify a good fit with a project.