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IBM Open Collaborative Research story archive: 2010 - overview

push the gears

September 2010

Healthcare collaboration takes page from industrial engineering playbook. An IBM project with Rambam Hospital and the Technion in Israel is utilizing massive quantities of data to optimize work processes that often begin in the emergency room and then fan out to other hospital departments, ensuring fair and efficient policies and procedures for staff and correct treatment regimens for patients.

June 2010

Watson answers a lot of hard questions. IBM researcher Eric Brown is on the Jeopardy! Challenge team, led by Dave Ferrucci, that is "teaching" the Watson computer how to answer the kinds of ambiguous questions on the long-running American TV game show.

IBM and CMU research uses for predictive usability tool. IBM researcher Rachel Bellamy works with CMU's Bonnie John on a project that began by predicting how long a simulated expert user takes to perform a given user interface task -- and now explores new usability projects.

April 2010

No software developer is an island. IBM researcher Clay Williams and a cross-disciplinary team look at the way development teams collaborate in a complex software ecosystem.

March 2010

Planting a cloud-neutral image library in the sky. IBM research Vasanth Bala works with CMU and North Carolina State University to develop an open virtual machine image library.