Computer scientists who made IBM Research famous     


Computer scientists who made IBM Research famous - overview

IBM Research has a long history of promoting technological innovation around the world.

Frances Allen Biography and oral history Wikipedia entry

Marc Auslander LinkedIn profile

John Backus, 1924-2007 Wikipedia entry IBM Archives Stanford Archives NNDB profile Columbia University page New York Times obituary John Backus Memorial (pdf)

Charles Bennett Wikipedia entry

Erich Bloch IBM Archives Wikipedia entry NNDB profile

Grady Booch Researcher personal page Wikipedia entry My developerWorks blog Handbook of software architecture (blog) IEEE Software: On Architecture (podcast) The Promise, The Limits, The Beauty of Software (Yahoo video)

Fred Brooks: Began his career at IBM Research Wikipedia entry The Mythical Man-Mouth (Wikipedia) Master Planner: Fred Brooks Shows How to Design Anything (Wired) NNDB profile Innovator: Fred Brooks (Bloomberg Businessweek) The Grill: Fred Brooks (Computerworld)

Peter Brown Business Insider (thumbnail)

Larry Carter University of California, San Diego SIAM short course

Alan Cobham Recursivity (Blogspot) Cobham's thesis P (complexity)

John Cocke, 1925-2001 IBM obituary (press release) New York Times obituary Wikipedia entry Tributes (includes video produced by Fran Allen) Just Curious: An interview with John Cocke

Edgar F. Codd IBM obituary Wikipedia entry New York Times obituary Facebook page

Don Coppersmith Wikipedia entry Cryptolounge profile Coppersmith-Winograd algorithm

Curt Cotner Future technology directions for Java access to databases (video)

Brenda Dietrich Fast Company profile

Bob O. Evans The genesis of the mainframe (pdf) A memory from his secretary New York Times obituary

Ron Fagin IBM Research web page Wikipedia entry

Horst Feistel, 1915-1990 Wikipedia entry

Jeanne Ferrante University of California, San Diego Wikipedia entry

Zvi Galil: Began his career at IBM Research Wikipedia entry Georgia Tech College of Computing

Ralph Gomory IBM Builders Wikipedia entry Cutting plane method (Wikipedia) NYU/Stern Huffington post blog

Jim Gray, 1944-2007 (lost at sea) Wikipedia entry Microsoft web page (includes publications) Work of computer genius Jim Gray flourished amid research freedom (The Seattle Times) A tribute to Jim Gray: Sometimes nice guys do finish first (The New York Times) Vast search off coast for data wizard (San Francisco Chronicle) Jim Gray projects: TerraServer SkyServer

Irene Greif IBM Research web page IBM Archives Lemelson-MIT Program: Inventor of the Week WITI (bio and video)

Laura Haas IBM Research web page A conversation with IBM Fellow Laura Haas (video) Impact! The Challenge of Industrial Research in Computer Science in a web 2.0 world (video) Distinguished Speakers Program (ACM) Extensible Query Processing in Starburst (pdf)

Joe Halpern Home page Wikipedia entry

Kenneth Iverson Wikipedia entry Autobiography About APL A personal view of APL

Fred Jelinek, 1932-2010 Johns Hopkins University web page Wikipedia entry New York Times obituary Tribute on Google Research blog ACL lifetime achievement award

Reynold B. Johnson IBM Archives Wikipedia entry

Dick Karp University of California at Berkeley web page Dick Karp receives National Medal of Science Wikipedia entry Karp's 21 NP-complete problems (Wikipedia)

Steve Lavenberg IBM Research web page 2005 ACM SIGMETRICS Achievement Award Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award

Benoit Mandelbrot, 1924-2010 MacTutor History of Mathematics Yale University website Wikipedia entry TED talk NNDB profile New York Times obituary

Jai Menon IBM Almaden website

Bob Mercer Business Insider (thumbnail)

Robert Morris Bio The smartest people in tech (CNNMoney) At 2010 Almaden Institute

Michael Rabin Harvard University web page Wikipedia entry Michael O. Rabin wins Dan David Prize Google interview

Arthur Samuel, 1901-1990 Wikipedia entry, Stanford memorial resolution, Facebook page, Chess Programming (wiki), Samuel's checkers player

Herb Schorr University of Southern California web page

Alfred Spector Wikipedia entry Google profile Carnegie Mellon profile ComputerWorld interview: Google's Alfred Spector on the hot seat

Gerald Tesauro TD-Gammon (Wikipedia entry), Temporal Difference Learning and TD-Gammon, Watson's wagering strategies, Fifty years of RL in games (video lecture)

Moshe Vardi Home page Wikipedia entry

John Vlissides, 1961-2005 In memoriam Wikipedia entry

Mark Wegman IBM Research web page Wikipedia entry

Shmuel Winograd Wikipedia entry Coppersmith-Winograd algorithm

Philip S. Yu Privacy preserving data mining

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