Notable electrical engineers past and present     


Notable electrical engineers past and present - overview

IBM Research has a long history of promoting technological innovation around the world.

Erich Bloch IBM Archives Wikipedia entry NNDB profile

Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. IBM Archives University of North Carolina page Inform IT bio/book list Wikipedia entry

Bijan Davari IBM bio Think Research

Stephen W. Dunwell IBM Archives Charles Babbage Institute interview Computer Pioneers (on Google Books)

Peter Franaszek Wikipedia entry A general method for channel coding (pdf)

Fred Jelinek, 1932-2010 Johns Hopkins University web page Wikipedia entry New York Times obituary Tribute on Google Research blog ACL lifetime achievement award

Dick Karp University of California at Berkeley web page Dick Karp receives National Medal of Science Wikipedia entry Karp's 21 NP-complete problems (Wikipedia)

Steve Lavenberg IBM Research web page 2005 ACM SIGMETRICS Achievement Award Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award

Dan Ling: Began his career at IBM Research Microsoft web page

Bernard Meyerson Inventor of the year (1998) award Visionaries in IT (YouTube) Interview: Roadmap for the future Bio

Abe Peled Wikipedia entry Abe Peled's secret start-up at I.B.M. (The New York Times)

Gururaj Rao Bio

Herb Schorr University of Southern California web page

Sol Triebwasser IEEE Ernst Weber Engineering Leadership Recognition (Wikipedia) Mention in The IBM Watson Laboratory at Columbia University: A History Photo in Modern Mechanix

Israel A. Wagner Technion profile