XRTs - overview

Expedited Real-time Threads (or XRTs) are a safe subset of Java that are validated before execution using data-sensitive analysis. XRTs run at frequencies up to 50 KHz (20 microsecond periods) achieving the same latency and jitter performance as programs written in C.

XRTs support a limited, safe, exception-free programming model. The data structures used by XRTs must have constant "shape" (that is, the pointers must all be final), but the data is mutable.

XRTs and Metronome real-time garbage collection together provide a comprehensive real-time programming environment consisting entirely of standard Java. Tasks at frequencies of up to 1 KHz are handled by Metronome. From 1 KHz up to 50 KHz or more, XRTs can be used.

XRTs were previously called "Eventrons" in our initial research prototype.