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IBM Strategic IP Insight Platform (SIIP) - overview

IBM Strategic IP Insight Platform (SIIP), is a holistic web-based patent analytics service platform that mines large corpus of patents and scientific literature to discover key business insights. SIIP builds on over 10 years of our group's data mining expertise to produce solutions that:

  • Enables corporations to enhance the effectiveness of their research and development.
  • Provides industry-specific common analytics technologies and services, such as entity extraction, chemical/biological search, and patent analytics.
  • Integrates data and associated metadata derived from text analytics technology with chemical and biological annotations for revolutionary drug research and development.

SIIP consists of a suite of tools for processing intellectual property (IP) data, a set of analytics technologies and interactive tools for patent analysis, a web-service enablement of the analytical services, and a web based user interface and visualizations for end user consumption of analytical results. Advanced parallel algorithms and bulk annotation services delivered using scalable distributed computing frameworks such as Hadoop are leveraged for high performance, scalability and low cost structures.

SIMPLE Architecture

Key Patent Analytics Services:

  • Full text search on 30M+ patents (US granted patents and applications, EPO, WIPO) and scientific literature(PubMed articles)
  • Chemical Structure searching, annotation, and reporting; 200M+ chemical compounds to date
  • Biological entity extraction, searching, and reporting
  • Proximal Search
  • Patent Clustering
  • Nearest Neighbor search from a list of input patents or document text

Our analytics platform is used by over 10 active clients, collaborators and partners in pharmaceutical, chemical and intellectual property industries.


2010 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award

2010 - Top-10 Data Mining Case Study (ICDM)