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Hand-drawn Computing - overview

Sketching facilitates design in the exploration of ideas about concrete objects and abstractions. In fact, throughout the software engineering process when grappling with new ideas, people reach for a pen and start sketching. While pen and paper work well, digital media can provide additional features to benefit the sketcher. Digital support will only be successful, however, if it does not detract from the core sketching experience. Based on research that defines characteristics of sketches and sketching, we offer preliminary tool examples supporting a FlowyWork user experience.


handdrawn computing ipad demo screenshot for sketchgraph siggraph 2012
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Sketching Tools

handdrawn computing ipad demo screenshot for tools demo icse 20122
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SketchGraph: Gestural Data Input for Mobile Tablet Devices
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ICSE 2011

Sketching Tools for Ideation Talk slides
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