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CogTool - overview

CogTool is an open source, general purpose user interface prototyping tool that uses a human performance model to automatically evaluate how efficiently a skilled user can do a task on a design.

CogTool was developed at Carnegie-Mellon University, and is available for download from the CogTool community site on Git. To use Cogtool today, simply create a storyboard of your design idea with sketches, images or on a canvas with CogTool's widgets, demonstrate tasks on that storyboard, then press a button to produce a valid cognitive model predicting how long it will take a skilled user to complete those tasks. CogTool can be used today to baseline your current interface, or compare competitors' interfaces, and predict how much better your new designs will be.

Our ongoing research on human performance modeling is extending CogTool to predict other usability metrics, a broader range of users, and new types of devices and interactions.

This video shows our vision of how CogTool can be integrated into the software develoment process.