Business Intelligence from Voice of Customer       


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Business Intelligence from Voice of Customer - overview

The Business Intelligence from Voice of Customer (BI-VoC) project focuses on aiding Businesses in improving performance by obtaining actionable insights from customer interaction data.

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Companies are continuously focused on increasing share of wallet, reducing churn, and increasing customer acquisition through product extension. To succeed, companies require deeper insight into the current customer experience. Most customer interactions occur via phone calls, emails, SMS and chat. Additionally, a large quantity of vital information relating to a customer is stored in the form of structured customer records, unstructured contract notes, user manuals, internal correspondence etc. To gain insight into the customer experience, it is vital to aggregate all of these sources to perform correlations and other type analytics. BI-VoC Value to Customer:

  • Mines customer-agent interactions
    • Speech
    • Text
    • Data
  • Uncovers valuable customer insights
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Enhances targeted marketing programs
  • Increases operational efficiencies
  • Enables compliance management