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Solution Workbench for Oracle - overview


Implementing an Oracle ERP or CRM system is a major investment. It must be done right the first time. And it must be done quickly, with little disruption to your business. You need a sound methodology and a clear plan for implementation that will enable you to reap the benefits of your Oracle solution quickly.

We developed the IBM Solution WorkBench for Oracle based on our many years of experience and our strong partnership with Oracle. From project start-up to implementation, the IBM Solution WorkBench for Oracle supports your project with one standardized toolset, method and asset repository, resulting in one common interface to simplify, perform and track the vast elements of an implementation.

Business-value-driven design and implementation
We provide the functionality to infuse your business case throughout the project lifecycle with:

Sponsor and management insight
A project dashboard provides you with real-time project visibility across every phase and team with:

Project acceleration and simplification Take advantage of quick set-up and ease of support based on the IBM Software as a Service cloud infrastructure. * The project method and work plan are enabled through real-time tracking, work flow, collaboration and repository features. * Built-in intelligent asset selection is employed to increase identification and use of top-rated IBM assets and best-practice models.

Testing optimization and traceability Testing is integrated and automated throughout your project’s lifecycle. The IBM Solution WorkBench for Oracle provides you with automated generation, conversion and traceability of use cases, test cases, test scripts and defect management, and generates traceability reports to link requirements to test execution.

Visualization Enterprise visualization solutions from iRise are now a standard component of the IBM Solution WorkBench for Oracle. With the integration of iRise software, you can “test drive” and fully experience critical business systems early in the process, allowing you to better understand how the implementation will affect your other systems and processes, helping to reduce risk.

Proven experience We have the expertise and tools you need to successfully implement Oracle ERP and CRM. Ansell, one of the world's largest manufacturers of latex products, recently engaged us to design, build and implement Oracle enterprise applications. Among the reasons for choosing IBM were the close and established relationship we have with Oracle in conjunction with our Oracle business accelerator solutions and our ability to design, build and manage Oracle applications according to Ansell's business requirements in every country Ansell operates around the world. They also considered the IBM Solution WorkBench for Oracle and our focus on mapping business benefit from the project milestones to increasing shareholder value.

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