Method Enactment     


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Method Enactment - overview

A typical project comprises a complex set of activities and the creation of hundreds of deliverables. Although detailed, structured, and well-documented methods govern this process, the people implementing the method must spend a huge amount of manual effort to make sure the guidelines of the method are followed as intended by the method author. To date, there has been no integrated tool suite to manage all phases of a project and its deliverables. Method Enactment goal is to semi-automatically create a method-based supportive environment, where the user can select relevant components of industry-specific process hierarchies, reuse documents from past engagements, collaboratively author and publish requirements in a document-based format, create use cases from requirements, and generate test cases for those use cases. Furthermore our goal is to drive the project thru standardized work component. This will improve productivity by streamlining all project phases, enhancing project tracking and work estimation.