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Alpine: Tooling for Virtualization and Cloud Computing - overview


We are a Research team located in IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. Our mission is to simplify deployment and configuration of composite applications in distributed environments.

We believe virtualization technologies (such as VMWARE and XEN) offers a unique opportunity to significantly reduce the configuration complexity by allowing to capture ('freeze dry') complete software stacks.

There are multiple challenges yet to be addresses to fulfil the potential.

First, proliferation leads to sprawl. Organizations quickly reach a situation where thousands, or more, of virtual images has to be stored and managed.

Second, capturing complete software stack in an image, still does not address the cross-image configuration necessary for distributed solution composition.

Third, cloud environments differ in the functions and abstractions that they offer: how to deploy a distributed solution in such environments, supporting non-functional requirements, is still a challange.

We develop technology to augment image with semantic knowledge necessary to enable building solutions of image building blocks.

Before our transition to the area of virtualization, we were busy collaborating with Rational on the co-development of the Deployment Modeling platform - view video in YouTube.

Papers(Partial list):

W. Arnold, T. Eilam, M. Kalantar, A. V. Konstantinou, A. A. Totok. Automatic Realization of SOA Deployment Patterns in Distributed Environments, ICSOC 2008, Sydney, Australia, December 2008.

W. Arnold, T. Eilam, M. Kalantar, A. V. Konstantinou, A. A. Totok. Pattern Based SOA Deployment, ICSOC 2007, Vienna, Austria, September 2007 (Best Paper Award).

K. El Maghraoui, T. Eilam, M. Kalantar, A. V. Konstantinou. Model Driven Provisioning: Bridging the Gap Between Declarative Object Models and Procedural Provisioning Tools, Middleware 2006, Melbourne, Australia, November 2006.

T. Eilam, M. Kalantar, A. V. Konstantinou, G. Pacifici. Reducing the complexity of application deployment in large data centers, IEEE IM'2005, May 15, 2005.

T. Eilam, M. Kalantar, A. V. Konstantinou, G. Pacifici, J. Pershing, A. Agrawal. Managing the configuration complexity of distributed applications in Internet data centers. IEEE Communications Magazine, March 2006.

Core Team:

Bill Arnold, Alexander Konstantinou, Michael Kalantar, Tova Roth, Ed Snible, Tamar Eilam